Next Classes Start: January 11, 2016

Alumni Student Reviews

Cheyenne Branch Campus

"I now have a great job that I enjoy. The hands on learning made it easier for me when I started working."

Barbara Romero
Medical Specialties

Colorado Springs Branch Campus

"My overall college experience was great. I had a good experience with my instructors; in fact I still keep in touch with my instructors. I was working as a secretary before going to college, now I am working in the field that I want to be in. I was hired right away. Going to school improved my life."

Maritsa Soto
Medical Specialties

"CollegeAmerica prepares a person to join the medical field as soon as possible by helping us get certified, not just teaching and saying bye. The ladies who help with extern site locations and then later with job hunting are awesome!"

Denise J. Garcia
Medical Specialties

"CollegeAmerica cares about their students, and not just their education. The staff works with each and every student to help them succeed when life gets in the way."

Laura Schutts
Medical Specialties

"I liked how fast the program went. There were some really great instructors that made things easier. I gained a lot of medical knowledge and a lot of respect from friends and family members."

Jennifer Howard
Medical Specialties

"...a fast-paced program that also helps you gain the knowledge you need to gain a better job. The teachers were always well versed in the field of study."

Dwayne Bobo, Jr
Graphic Arts

"I got a job at HP as a field technician. I am making more money and that came with the job. First college degree in my family...I am proud of myself for completing the schooling."

Joseph Alonge
Computer Science with a Networking emphasis

"More pay. More satisfying career. Less worry!"

Karen York
Business Management & Accounting

"Night classes were great. I really enjoyed the online courses as well. Getting the laptop was an added perk!"

Jennifer Smith
Business Management & Accounting with an Asset Management emphasis

Denver Main Campus

"My college experience was great; teachers were awesome and really made the difference. Before college I was a mom working at nothing jobs. My life improved 100% after college. Now I have a wonderful job in urgent care and I love it. It is really worth it."

Jesse Weber
Medical Specialties

"I was a stay at home mother for 6 years and started college when the kids went to school full time. I liked the small classes and small campus and family feeling. Everybody makes you feel comfortable. I am very proud now to be a good role model to my kids; they see how much I have changed in the last couple of years."

Leah Mondragon
Healthcare Administration

"They were really helpful, especially when it came to financial aid and school loans and getting my transcripts in. I didn't really have to do anything but fill out the paperwork; they took care of everything else. I feel like I got a great education, I got it done fast, it is what I wanted to do."

Mirembe Kaggwa
Business Administration

"I have found the staff to be very supportive, and amazing teachers."

Gail Spisak
Medical Specialties

"I gained life-long friends and the skills I needed to achieve my goals. The class size was small and the staff always had time to answer questions."

Melinda Fowler-Cook
Medical Specialties

"I enjoyed the lab classes the most. Being able to actually perform the tasks that I will be doing in the workforce was great for not only acquiring the skills I need but for building my confidence as well."

Felicia Allen
Medical Specialties

"The classes are very helpful and fulfilling…the teachers are good at their jobs. I had a wonderful externship site and still volunteer there."

April Paige
Medical Specialties

"CollegeAmerica is a good school and improving all the time. It is an excellent way to earn a degree while having a family and friends."

Jeannyne Lyons
Healthcare Administration

"CollegeAmerica really does care about student success."

Keith Adair
Computer Science with a Networking emphasis

"CollegeAmerica truly cares about and listens to their students. They work with you any way they can to help you be successful."

Carla Wallin

Flagstaff Main Campus

"This college truly changed my life. Not only was I prepared for the "real world" but everything that I was taught was on the certification test, it was nice to know I was not wasting my time learning things that would not be useful later on. I am forever grateful that I chose CollegeAmerica!"

Marrissa Kanthack
Medical Specialties

"Every single staff member and teacher at CollegeAmerica went out of their way to help me with any problems I had, even if they were personal and not academic. I am the first person in my entire family to graduate from college. This school has helped me to start the future I want for my son, and for that I am forever grateful."

Nichol Esquivel
Medical Specialties

"I found the instructors very approachable and affirming of each accomplishment; as I completed each module successfully I felt more confident that I had made the correct choice of furthering my education. Two weeks before I earned by degree from CollegeAmerica, I began my cool new job at the Heart and Vascular Center of Northern Arizona."

Kathie Swanson
Medical Specialties

"I liked the staff at CollegeAmerica…very good school. I got a better paying job."

Anthony Sockyma
Medical Specialties

"I have a great job! Although it is intense, it's a dream come true! I've basically upgraded my entire life!"

Veronica Benally
Medical Specialties

"CollegeAmerica is very compatible with work schedules and you can go at your own pace. I gained a better job, better communication skills, and life-long friends."

Jenifer Sandoval
Medical Specialties

"The staff was wonderful, always there to help when needed, not just for homework but for personal advice as well. I really like that classes are fast paced, doesn't give me time to get bored in the class."

Stephanie Morgan
Computer Technology & Networking

"I really liked how the teachers will talk to you and answer all the questions you have. I gained more knowledge about computers and how to be a good role model for my siblings and my child."

Rozina Nelson
Computer Technology & Networking

"One to two classes a month really makes time fly by very fast. I got a great internship at an observatory that was going through changes to upgrade much of their network. Best job I've had."

Reid Anderson
Computer Technology & Networking

"I would recommend CollegeAmerica. There is always help when you need it. They never turn you away when you need help understanding the material."

Melissa Lupson
Computer Technology & Networking

Fort Collins Branch Campus

"I saw a commercial on TV about CollegeAmerica and at the time I was looking for change so I decided to go. Before I went to college I was working in an office doing reception. Now I am working in accounting. Within a month of graduating I had a job making some good money."

Peggy Sue Hart

"The instructors are amazing. The greatest thing I found is that they do work with your schedule and they really do care about their students and about finding them a better job. I had a ton of support between Student Services and instructors."

Ardena Chandler
Healthcare Administration

"My wife and I just had a child and I was looking for a degree for future insurance. I needed a degree and I had to have a flexible schedule. The nighttime classes are really geared for people who are working but are trying to get a degree. CollegeAmerica turned out to be a good fit for me."

Christopher Bissell
Business Administration

"Before I went to college I was in the culinary field. I am working in accounting now. CollegeAmerica helped me out a lot in getting my first job. I am happy with my career choice now."

Eugene Smith

"I hadn't been to school in almost 20 years and didn't know if I would be able to do it. Going back to school gave me a little more confidence than I had before. I just got a new job and start in a week and a half. I got this new job as a result of my education."

Suzanne Black
Medical Specialties

"This is an amazing school. I was able to get more knowledge and make something of myself."

Ashley Breidenbach
Graphic Arts

"The online feature made it possible for me to work during breaks and lunches at work...the laptop was great too."

Marty Kenton
Graphic Arts

"I went back to school in my late thirties, and found that life changes can be made long after we may think it is possible. I make twice as much as I made before my degree."

Kathryn Frey
Graphic Arts

"The teachers were very caring and helpful. I gained confidence in myself, showing myself that I could do it if I put my mind to it. I gained great knowledge in the graphic arts field and gained good strong connections."

Derek Salazar
Graphic Arts

"I enjoyed the opportunity to not only learn from instructors and textbooks, but hands-on...I always felt comfortable talking to my instructors or asking questions. It was one of the best decisions I have made."

Tifanie Nauman
Medical Specialties

"I went to the "standard" community colleges and felt that it wasn't a right fit for me. At CollegeAmerica I am not just a student ID number or a filled seat, but a person."

Jennifer Stump
Medical Specialties

Phoenix Branch Campus

"The teachers were awesome...I would recommend the wonderful staff and teachers who will do everything in their power to help students graduate."

Miriah Lea Harris
Medical Specialties

"I would recommend CollegeAmerica because the classes are easy to follow, class times and schedules are reasonable, the laptop, and the good location. I have become a role model, and other family members are now trying to go back to school too!"

Brenda Wilson
Medical Specialties

"My degree has opened doors for me...I'm now employed as a health care provider in my home town. I'm glad CollegeAmerica gave me the opportunity to get an education."

Valentina Nelson
Medical Specialties

"I was able to offer a more stable and independent role model for my kids...teaching my children that education is something of value and that no one can take it away from you."

Kayla Camacho
Medical Specialties

"CollegeAmerica gave me the confidence to move towards my dreams. I also loved the way that the dean and other higher-up staff encouraged all the students to succeed."

Christine Gearheart
Medical Specialties

"I now have an opportunity to do something that I like and find interesting. It was a great experience for me and I think others could benefit from attending."

Corey McMillan
Computer Technology & Networking