Each IT Pro is a Different Superhero. Which One Will You Be?

IT professionals get a nerdy rep, but we’re more than just big brains. Underneath our black t-shirts are vibrant uniforms that show off our true powers. To become part of the team, you need to be able to wrap your head around superhuman problems and solve them with ease. Sound intimidating? It should. But College America is your training ground to propel your career to galactic heights.

In the infographic below, learn which Computer Science degree best fits your skills and goals; then contact our Admissions team to get started on your training. CS Avengers, Assemble!*


Whichever Avenger you choose to be, remember that you also have your own superpowers to use for the good of mankind. Whether you’re a great manager or you have an aptitude for design, you have a lot to offer the world of IT. After getting a great education, you’ll finally be ready to get a better job, revealing your inner hero!

And if you’re a real life superhero as a member or veteran of our Armed Forces, we want to show our respect and dedication to your bravery through our Military and Spouse Education Programs. Show off your true colors with CollegeAmerica.

*Avengers’ Characters are Trademarked property of Marvel Comics.

7 Graphic Design Magazines Successful Designers Love

You can learn a lot about a career just by figuring out what magazines the professionals are reading. In the case of graphic design magazines—whether you read them in print, on a tablet, or on the web—you can find out everything you need to know about the latest trends in graphic design, new and exciting tools, and even graphic design jobs you might be interested in. Here are 7 top magazines for aspiring graphic designers.

3 Signs You Are Ready to Go Back to School

We’ve all been in the position where we just feel plain unsatisfied with our jobs. Maybe it’s because our skillset is being underutilized or because of occupational burnout or simply because we know there’s something better out there.

Career Online High School Provides Students a Second Chance

College graduates can make more money over the course of their lifetime compared to someone with just their high school diploma. But some people have more than time and commitment against them when it comes to applying to college; some people don’t have their high school diploma or GED. CollegeAmerica’s Denver campus has partnered with Career Online High School (COHS) to provide a solution.