Can You Start a New Career after 40?

If you live in Flagstaff and are unsatisfied with your career, you’re not alone. Many working adults throughout Arizona wouldn’t mind switching careers. The problem is actually making it happen. Between paying the bills and handling family obligations, the idea of returning to school as an adult can be really daunting. How are you supposed to take care of your responsibilities while working toward a degree? One convenient and practical option is to take advantage of the Flagstaff adult education opportunities that are available at CollegeAmerica.

adult student You Aren’t the Only One

It’s natural to assume that signing up for adult education programs just isn’t worth it. It’s difficult enough to take care of your everyday responsibilities; how are you supposed to manage schoolwork on top of everything else? The first thing to understand is that these programs are geared toward working adults like you. Many students at the CollegeAmerica campus in Flagstaff have families and full-time jobs. Despite the fact that they are over the age of 40, they manage to juggle work, school and family responsibilities in order to improve their lives. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people who have similar goals. In other words, you won’t be going it alone.

Making it Happen

There’s no law that says you have to choose a path in life when you’re young and stay the course until you retire. People switch things up in the middle of their lives all the time.  Perhaps you’ve spent your life raising your children. Maybe you lost your job as part of the recession, or you might just be tired of the career path you are currently on. With adult education programs, you can get the direction you need to make exciting changes in your life.

People often think about all of the work that’s involved in getting a degree and dismiss the idea instantly. That’s especially easy to do when you have a very busy life working and dealing with family obligations. You’re more likely to take the plunge when you remind yourself that it’s not forever. CollegeAmerica degree programs are designed to be completed quickly, with your schedule, goals and obligations in mind.

40 is the New 30

These days, 40 is hardly “over the hill.” In fact, many fortysomethings would probably tell you that they are finally coming into their own as adults. No matter what your future goals may be, there’s no denying the fact that you still have a lot of living left to do at 40, and if that means going back to school or starting a new career – go for it. As a resident of Arizona, you are in the unique position to attend classes at College America’s Flagstaff campus, where you will be able to work toward your degree in your hometown, while meeting your current obligations.

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Megan Wickes is a graduate of the Master in Business Administration (MBA) program. She currently works for CollegeAmerica, managing its online presence. In addition to her love of marketing, Megan enjoys wakeboarding, boating, and spending time with her husband and new baby boy.

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