Friday Link Round-Up for March 16: From College to Career, Getting Rid of Clutter, and More

Welcome to Friday! It’s almost the weekend, and it’s time for the Friday Link Round-Up, where we bring you the most interesting, useful, informative, or cool stuff we find on our travels across the web. This week, some great advice on transitioning into your career, the annual Worst Company in America Tournament, and more!

eliminating clutter > How do you make the leap from college to career? It can be a challenge, but here’s some great advice, which includes remembering to take advantage of your school’s career services.

> The New York Science Times looks at the explosion of information about health and medicine — on the Web, in medical journals, in the doctor’s office and over the air — and offers some guidelines on how to sort it all out.

> Consumerist’s 7th Annual Worst Company In America tournament begins! Readers vote for the company that makes them the maddest, or argue against nominations. Are you going to vote?

> Do you have a lot of clutter filling up your life? Too busy to worry about it? Here are eight excellent reasons to take the time to put the kibosh on the clutter and take back your life.

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Friday Link Round-Up for March 16: From College to Career, Getting Rid of Clutter, and More by
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