Is Graphic Design Your New Career? 5 Reasons Why It Might Be

Graphic design is a unique field—every day a designer is called upon to create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate. It’s a career that requires talent, creativity and vision, and a career that rewards artists for their imagination and ingenuity. There aren’t many other careers that give creative people the kind of freedom and artistic innovation that graphic designers are allowed.

graphic designer Are you an artist? Could graphic design could be your new career? Here are five reasons why it might be.

1. You’re creative.

Graphic design is a field that is entirely powered by creativity—you are paid to express yourself with every new project and assignment. While your employer directs the basic specifications of a project, the overall concept, vision and ultimate expression of the idea belongs to the designer in the end. And every new project is a new opportunity to push your creativity and find new, innovative ways to wow your audience.

2. You want to expand and grow your knowledge and skills.

Graphic artists are called upon to create concepts in a wide variety of media, from hand-drawn pieces to digital art created with graphic design software. A graphic designer must always stay abreast of new technology, new techniques, and new trends in the graphic design world. As a graphic artist, you’ll always be up-to-date and expanding your skills and your knowledge of the art and design world.

3. You want to spend less time in school.

Creativity and talent are a must, but to be competitive, a graphic arts training is essential to landing the best job; it may be the only difference between you and the next applicant. A graphics art program helps you develop not just your creative skills, but your communication analytical skills as well, which is vital to be successful in the industry. Start with a 20-month associate’s degree in graphic arts, which will also be invaluable to helping you develop the stellar portfolio you need to wow employers.

4. You want freedom and flexibility.

Do you have your laptop with you? You can work. Graphic artists usually have the freedom and flexibility to work wherever they need to—from home, from a coffee shop, from three states over or in the next country. The tools of a graphic artist are portable, and most positions will give motivated, self-directed artists the independence and autonomy they need to create good work. That freedom and flexibility also means that you can either work full-time for an employer or develop a freelance career and work for yourself.

5. You want to never be bored.

Graphic design offers a diverse choice of specialties, ranging from commercial and industrial design (cars, furniture, appliances, etc.) to advertising media (merchandising, marketing, Web design, newspapers, and publishing). Even in one specific field, no two projects are alike—every new assignment is a chance to create something new, to innovate in new and exciting ways. And when you freelance, each new client gives you the chance to try something fresh and tackle a novel challenge.

While a successful career does require graphic arts training, the most basic requirements to pursue a career in graphic arts are your talent, your creativity, and your drive to show what you can create.

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