Junk Food vs. Health Food

Everyone loves greasy foods, but are they good for you? No! All the fried foods, hamburgers, hot dogs and chimmichangas we eat taste so good but are not healthy. Where is the nutrition? By frying or over-cooking your food, you cook all of the nutrients out. Think of a Big Mac, with all the fat and calories going through your bloodstream. Not a good thought. All of the fats, calories, and grease from the food will clog up your arteries and can cause other health problems too.

vegetables There are many reasons why you should eat healthier foods before work and school. Some of the most important reasons are that you can concentrate better through out the day, you’re less hungry, and your study time is more productive.

According to Psychology Today, high-fiber foods release energy slowly, while high-sugar foods only give you a short burst of energy. Psychology Today also reports that good proteins, such as lean meats and nuts, can improve your brain function. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, raw or steamed vegetables, nuts, and foods made with whole wheat all help with keeping your body and brain healthy. Healthy foods help with concentration for school and work. Eating healthy also helps with energy levels and positive thinking.

We all want to be able to focus on our day and get as much done as possible. By eating un-healthy foods and having lots of sugar you are more apt to feel sluggish, non-motivated, and feel poorly about yourself. By eating healthier, you are able to focus longer on things and have a sense of accomplishment by having energy through the day.

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Vicki McIntosh attends the Flagstaff campus of CollegeAmerica, and is enrolled in the Medical Specialties program. She has four grown children and a nine-year-old nephew who will be living with her.  She believes that you’re never too old to go back to school and is setting a good example for her boys by getting her degree.

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  • http://www.topworkoutprogramsformen.com/ David

    It’s kind of natures cruel joke. All the foods that taste really good that we enjoy eating the most are the worst for us! It’s just not fair.

  • julielancaster

    What an inspiration for healthy living!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000682689850 Suzanne Edmonds

    Great blog, Vicki.

  • bestwebsitesdirectory

    Hippocrates, the great thinker who lived two and a half millenniums ago, said 
    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” A hamburger, for example, can be prepared healthily at home and served with a colorful salad on the side. Potatoes need not to be deep fried , but can be baked and sprinkled with some olive oil and a little sea salt… Overall, healthy meals, including all of the major nutrients, and when prepared right and varied throughout the week, yet eaten in normal portions, can be quite delicious…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1188302130 Suzanne Pimental Scales

    Great topic, Vicki!  Thank you for sharing.

  • phillip riback

    Today’s modern life is a bit
    too stressful, both for mind and body. These new waves in our society put less
    accent on the ways we take care of our body. Consuming healthy food is very
    important for keeping our body healthy because after a while all comes to –
    you reap what you sow.

  • http://www.thegrizasonline.com/why-panda-is-vital-for-web-readership johnsonhendorson

    Junk food is unhealthy for you and if you eat continuously junk food, you may suffer from many health problems. While healthy food is good for your body and there are limitless health benefits of eating healthy food..

  • http://www.investinternals.com/2013/06/ways-to-invest-in-gas-and-oil-companies.html reynoldbeckers

    We all know that junk food is not healthy. While healthy food is good for your brain and overall health. Eating healthy food is very important to maintain a good health.

  • http://www.hotelurbano.com.br/ Rickeytard

    Junk food is way tastier than healthy food. Yummy cheesy sandwich vs. a bowl of fruits. Now war is going on in your mind. which one will you choose for your snack? As per my opinion sandwich always wins.

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