Studying for a Certification Exam

Are you thinking about sitting for a certification exam? Obtaining a certification can help you find a job, as it will set you apart from other applicants without certifications. Employers like to see certifications because it shows that the student has the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform a particular job, and therefore is a good hire.

Library It may seem daunting to remember all that you have learned in your classes when it is time to study for certifications, but your library is a great place to go to in finding study materials. Make sure to connect with your librarian, who can recommend study guides, books, online resources, and/or study software for many of the medical and computer certifications that you may be seeking. There are a huge number of resources available to those who are studying for certifications, and your librarian can not only point you to them, but can also help you determine which materials are best for your situation, your studying style, and the test you are planning to take.

Tutors are also available to help you study one-on-one or in a study group. If you’re not sure where to start, ask your librarian to point you in the right direction. Don’t forget that your fellow classmates are also great resources for encouragement, advice, and studying help and company.

It is an accomplishment to achieve a certification on top of a college degree and you should be proud to work towards achieving this goal.

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Lindsey Powers is a librarian at the Phoenix campus of CollegeAmerica.

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  • Mary Mohr

    Nice job Lindsey! Passing those certifications are very important!

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