The Truth about Truth

Seeking truth is hard.  A wise mentor of mine once said, “Trust. But always verify.” This was perhaps one of my most valuable lessons in life.  And I have found, throughout my life, that truth must lie at the core of our very existence to build a firm foundation of moral character.

If integrity is to exist, it needs truth. The whole truth.  And nothing but the truth.  There are reasons why “whole” and “nothing but” must be emphasized. We’ve all played seeking truth telephone; we know how a message gets lost in various interpretation and impression. Everyone will experience a situation based on their own individual perception, which may contain influence, and in many cases, emotion. Self preservation sneaks in. And as more people come into play, judgment appears and manipulation occurs.

Questions will always exist until truth is sought. Morale will become impaired without it.  Conclusions should never be made until truth is present. You will find that an amazing thing will happen when you always seek out the truth: people will stop lying to you. That’s why it’s important to ponder this: how we should treat one another, and everyone we know.

Author’s Bio
Suzanne Scales is the Executive Director of the Flagstaff campus of CollegeAmerica. Suzanne has been employed with CollegeAmerica since 2002.  She started at the Denver campus as an instructor and has served in the roles of lead instructor, Associate Dean, Interim Dean of Education and Associate Director.  She moved to Flagstaff in August 2008, and absolutely loves it there.  She brings to the table 13 years of experience in education, and 8 years experience in the field of healthcare.

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  • Jackie Gianopoulos

    Suzanne Scales, my name is Jackie and I was enrolled at College America Denver in 2008. I had no GED, but when I was kicked out 2 weeks before I was going to do my externship I was kicked out for lack of funds available. So now I have over 57,000.00 of school loans no GED or degree. I am now on food stamps and unble to find a job. When I complained to the BBB about this si uation College America Denver provided  a bunch of papers I signed and a fake GED Verified by you. I need for you to help me. It was well known even by family and friends I did not have have my GED due to failing the math portions 2 times in a row. While speaking to a lady from Department of ED she said that the GED was verified and that I signed the paper worl stating that I had my GED. I have a letter from the state GED administrator that I do not have my GED, I received this letter from the Colorado state GED administrator Chalmer Naugle. Sarah at the department of Ed said that I could have made it up. I said how? she said people do it all the time. If you look at the GED that College America Denver provided the BBB Colorado There are 2 different math test scores, the first one states my passing score then for what ever reason I go take it again and fail miserably. Why would I do that? I need you to check this out. It’s your stamp of approval on it stating “Verified with  your signature Suzanne Scales.

    Please email me back when you get this.

    Thanks Jackie Gianopoulos

  • Jackie Gianopoulos

    One more thing. I don’t think that you actually Verified it because If you did I would have never been able to enroll. But your stamp of approval is on there.

    • CollegeAmerica

      Hi Jackie! Thank you for expressing your concerns and reaching out to us. I deleted your previous comment just to make sure your privacy was safeguarded, but I wanted to let you know that I copied down your comment and am forwarding it to Denver campus. You can also email, and I’d be happy to help if I can. Many thanks for your patience! – Sara N. | Social Media for CollegeAmerica

    • Suzanne Scales

      Hi Jackie,  I looked into this, and you started after I had already left the Denver Campus.  I agree with Sarah that your privacy comes first and if you have additional questions you can email her at the address below.  Thanks!

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