You Might Never Know Why You Didn’t Get That Job…

You didn’t get that job?  Even when the interview seemed to go so nicely?

Well, it’s possible that between the time you interviewed and now the company suddenly established a hiring freeze, or maybe the hiring manager was laid off and all the activity for that area is indefinitely on hold, or maybe, yes, someone got the job – not you.

Keep your chin up, job hunters.   You have excellent skills from your program at Job Hunting Superhero CollegeAmerica and your new job *is* on the way.   Don’t forget that many people are job hunting incorrectly and not maximizing their networking contacts. Your network consists of “warm leads” – everyone you know, have worked with, friends, your mom’s neighbor; let them all know you’d like them to inform you of any positions that fit your skills. Your network is also “new leads” – everyone you meet because you’re getting out to networking meetings, job fairs, free seminars and events at your local library, to name a few.

You go, job hunter!

Coming around again to the issue of why you might not have gotten a job you soooo wanted…   Why didn’t you get it?   You may never know (but I’m glad you tried to find out by following up with the company).

I’d like to share a story that sheds some light on how strange not getting the job can be. When I was an actor in L.A., one of my friends called very happy and excited about how well she’d auditioned for a film role, that day. (You may know that television is nice, but actors long to get into the film industry.) She was so excited because she *knew* she’d auditioned very, very well. The casting directors gave her excellent feedback. She was so happy.

The next day she called, crying. She did not get the role. Her agent inquired on her behalf what had gone wrong. The casting directors had loved her audition, were going to cast her – but the director walked in and saw the audition clip and didn’t want her cast because she looked like his ex-wife.

True story.

You never know.

Remember, there are whimsical reasons you might not have gotten the job – even though you interviewed well and are confident about your new skills.

While you may feel disappointed that you didn’t get the job, don’t be devastated (as my friend was). Disappointed, but not devastated.

Keep going – it’s coming!

Author’s Bio
Jean Lesmeister, Adjunct Faculty, Career Services, CollegeAmerica-Denver
As Professional Development Instructor, Jean brings to her classes a strong history of teaching as well as professional skills as an actor, director, acting coach and public speaking instructor.  Jean infuses classes with energy, illuminating stories about job hunting, interviewing and learning to (professionally) ‘brag’ about skills and accomplishments on resumes, in portfolios, during interviews. Jean successfully invites her students to the strength of their physicality as they present themselves, keeping in mind that 55% of communication conveyed about oneself is via the physical stance, eye contact, hand shake, and smile. Jean holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre, concentration Acting, from the University of California, San Diego.   Jean is also a 15-year instructor for the American Red Cross, teaching CPR, First Aid (and her favorite) Babysitting Safety. She has worked in the corporate environment, non-profit environment and as a major event coordinator, besides academia. Jean grew up in MN and is very, very happy to live in Colorado, the land of lots of sunshine, very few bugs and moderate, delightful winters. You can contact Jean at

You Might Never Know Why You Didn’t Get That Job… by
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