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Business Administration

with a Asset Management emphasis

Bachelor of Science

Program Length: 36 months (may be completed in as little as 30 months)

Degree Overview

Business Administration with a Asset Management emphasis

This bachelor's degree program can help you earn the knowledge, skills, and credentials you need to become a professional in a variety of career fields, including personal property professional, bookkeeper, clerical assistant, and more. The program focuses on the essentials of real estate, accounting, insurance, financing, marketing, decision-making, and management skills necessary to compete in today's complex business world.

Personal property management is the management of fixed assets, such as desks, hospital beds, airplanes, radar equipment, etc., at local, state, and federal government agencies, colleges, universities, medical facilities, and private industries. The field had its genesis in the defense contracting arena, in the management of government-owned personal property in the possession of defense contractors.

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Course Descriptions

CourseCourse NameCredits

ACC 101 Fundamentals of Accounting I 3.0
ACC 102 Fundamentals of Accounting II 3.0
ACC 103 Payroll Accounting 4.0
ACC 213 Principles of Accounting I 3.0
ACC 214 Principles of Accounting II 3.0
ACC 215 Principles of Accounting III 3.0
ACC 216 Principles of Accounting IV 3.0
ACC 217 Managerial Accounting 4.0
CSS 101 Psychology of Motivation 4.0
CSS 299 Professional Development 4.0
ECN 220 Economics 4.0
ECN 221 Economic Principles 4.0
ENG 101 English Composition 4.0
ENG 223 Communication Arts 4.0
FIN 231 Principles of Finance 4.0
FIN 333 Finance 4.0
FIN 334 Financial Management I 4.0
FIN 443 Financial Management II 4.0
FIN 444 Financial Management III 4.0
HIS 220 American Civilization 4.0
HIS 300 U.S. History Since the Civil War 4.0
MAN 103 Management Principles 4.0
MAN 104 Business Practices 4.0
MAN 105 Marketing 4.0
MAN 210 Entrepreneurship 4.0
MAN 222 Investment Principles 4.0
MAN 223 Internet Commerce 4.0
MAN 224 Business Law 4.0
MAN 225 Property Management Fundamentals 4.0
MAN 227 Intermediate Property Management 4.0
MAN 229 Federal and Contractor Focused Property Management 4.0
MAN 280 Property Management Applications 4.0
MAN 324 Operations Management 4.0
MAN 340 Finance and Accounting for Property Management 4.0
MAN 342 Property Management Research and Writing Applications 4.0
MAN 346 Basic Contracts, Agreements, and Grants 4.0
MAN 350 Management Planning Principles 4.0
MAN 443 Organizational Design and Change 4.0
MAN 444 Human Resource Management 4.0
MAN 450 International Business Principles 4.0
MAN 460 Managing a Property Management Organization 4.0
MAT 220 College Algebra 4.0
PHI 221 Introduction to Logic 4.0
PHI 310 Critical Thinking 4.0
PSY 400 Biological Psychology 4.0
SOC 400 Sociology of Aging 4.0
STA 322 Statistics 4.0

Course Description

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Total Courses: 47Total Credits: 182

Available at the following locations:

Available Online: This program is delivered fully online.
Colorado Locations: Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins
Wyoming Locations: Cheyenne

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Colorado and Wyoming

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