Career Services

Career Services

Resources to Help you Succeed

As a student or graduate of our college, you'll have ongoing access to the skills of your Career Services staff. Career Services partners with staff and faculty to provide the services to help you attain the career you've earned with the degree you've completed.

The primary role of Career Services is twofold: to assist students in launching their careers, and to help them advance in their chosen fields by assisting them in finding employment that utilizes the skills and the training they received while attending our college.

Online Resources:
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Getting in Touch with Career Services

Visit your Career Services department early and often. Only you can actually land the job you want, but Career Services is here to help along the way.

Prospective Students

Not yet a student? Call us at 1-800-622-2894 to set up an appointment to receive a complimentary Career Assessment at a campus near you.

Current Students

To get help from Career Services, visit your campus or call us at 1-800-622-2894 and ask to speak with the Career Services Department at your campus. Want more information about resources and events at your campus? Visit the locations page and find your campus to learn more about local Career Services events and workshops.

Career Services reaches out to students throughout their time at the college-from new student orientation, Professional Development (CSS299), and special events hosted to teach job seeking skills and to meet employers, to the graduate exit interview. Students should actively seek out Career Services staff as well, for ongoing consultation on job search strategies and career readiness.