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Nursing Administration

with a Nursing Informatics emphasis

Bachelor of Science Completion

Program Length: 20 months

Degree Overview

Nursing Administration with a Nursing Informatics emphasis

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Administration (BSNA) program is designed as a degree completion program to enhance career opportunities for practicing Registered Nurses. This program prepares students with the appropriate academic skills for entry-level and nurse supervisory positions in the healthcare field. Because this program prepares students to assume healthcare supervisory positions rather than additional clinical responsibilities, no clinical hours are required and all applicants must have a valid RN credential.

The Nurse Informatics emphasis provides nurses with technology solutions to support evidence-based practice to improve patient care.

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Course Descriptions

CourseCourse NameCredits

ENG 310 Advanced Interpersonal Communication 4.0
HCA 450 Organizational Behavior 4.0
HCP 460 Case Management 4.5
HCS 440 Home Healthcare 4.0
HIS 300 U.S. History Since the Civil War 4.0
MAN 444 Human Resource Management 4.0
NUR 300 Research in Nursing Practice 4.0
NUR 310 Pathophysiology 4.0
NUR 315 Professional Role Development 4.5
NUR 325 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing 4.0
NUR 335 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 4.0
NUR 340 Health Assessment 4.0
NUR 360 Community and Family Health 4.5
NUR 425 Psychological Aspects of Illness and Disability 4.5
NUR 450 Nursing Informatics 4.0
NUR 451 Health Informatics 4.0
NUR 452 Applied Healthcare Informatics 4.0
NUR 465 Evidence-Based Nursing 4.5
PHI 310 Critical Thinking 4.0
PHI 400 Modern Issues in Ethics 4.0
PSY 400 Biological Psychology 4.0
SOC 400 Sociology of Aging 4.0

Course Description

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Total Courses: 22Total Credits: 90.5

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Available Online: This program is delivered fully online.

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Colorado and Wyoming

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