Healthcare Masters Programs

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Healthcare Administration

Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration can give you the education and background you need to evaluate and improve health policies. you'll learn to recognize opportunities and develop procedures to make the delivery of healthcare services more efficient and effective. Successful completion of this program can help give you the skills and credentials you need to be considered for senior health service administration or policy analyst positions. Learn More...

Healthcare Informatics

Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics

The Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics addresses the growing need for professionals who need to possess both analytical skills and business acumen with the goal of improving health care delivery systems through information technology and management. Informatics is a key function of the healthcare delivery system in the United States and provides for the management and maintenance of health records in hospitals, clinics, health departments, insurance companies, governmental agencies and other settings. Learn More...

Nurse Education

Master of Science in Nurse Education

A Master of Science in Nurse Education degree can give you the credibility you need to be an inspiration to others as a competent, compassionate, and effective healthcare delivery professional. This nurse education degree program gives you the opportunity to not only guide future healthcare professionals, but also allows you to confront concerns about the issues and challenges that nurses face in our changing and complex healthcare system. Learn More...

Nursing Administration

Master of Science in Nursing Administration

Administrative and leadership roles in the healthcare industry require knowledge of management, organizational theory, ethics, legal issues, and the delivery of healthcare systems. This program is designed to give you the proficiency you need in these areas to make a difference in the nursing community and better serve the overall health delivery system. Learn More...