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Nurse Education

Master of Science

Program Length: 15 months

Degree Overview

Nurse Education

Nurse Education Degree Program

A Master of Science in Nurse Education degree can give you the credibility you need to be an inspiration to others as a competent, compassionate, and effective healthcare delivery professional. This nurse education degree program gives you the opportunity to not only guide future healthcare professionals, but also allows you to confront concerns about the issues and challenges that nurses face in our changing and complex healthcare system.

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Course Descriptions

CourseCourse NameCredits

HSA 505 Health Service Organizations and Management 4.5
HSA 544 Outcomes Assessment and Quality Management 4.0
HSM 515 Legal Considerations in Healthcare Delivery 4.5
NUR 542 Teaching Critical Thinking and Clinical Decisions 4.0
NUR 545 Technology for Nursing Education and Practice 4.0
NUR 652 Advanced Nursing Theory 4.0
NUR 653 Leadership Theory 4.0
NUR 668 Research and Evaluation Methods 4.0
NUR 670 Instructional Strategies 4.0
NUR 672 Issues in Nursing 4.0
NUR 673 Evaluation Strategies 4.0
NUR 675 Program Development 4.0
NUR 680 Advanced Pharmacology 4.0
NUR 692 Nurse Education Practicum 6.0

Course Description

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Total Courses: 14Total Credits: 59

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Available Online: This program is delivered fully online.

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