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Health Information Management

Bachelor of Science

Program Length: 36 months (may be completed in as little as 30 months)

Degree Overview

Health Information Management

Health Information Management (HIM) is a key function of the healthcare delivery system in the United States. HIM provides for the maintenance of health records in hospitals, clinics, health departments, insurance companies, governmental agencies, and other settings.

A Health Information Management professional works with clinical, reference, epidemiological, financial, and demographic data and is responsible for the collection, the storage, the use, and the transmission of this information. The role of the HIM professional is becoming increasingly important as the healthcare industry continues to transition to electronic information management with Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

The Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management prepares the student for entry-level positions such as inpatient/outpatient coder, health information technologist, coding data coordinator, and clinical information systems technologist.

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Course Descriptions

CourseCourse NameCredits

ACC 101 Fundamentals of Accounting I 3.0
ACC 102 Fundamentals of Accounting II 3.0
ACC 108 Computerized Accounting I 3.0
APP 101 Computer Fundamentals 3.5
APP 126 Databases 3.5
COM 102 Computerized Medical Administration 3.0
CSS 101 Psychology of Motivation 4.0
CSS 299 Professional Development 4.0
ECN 220 Economics 4.0
ECN 221 Economic Principles 4.0
ENG 223 Communication Arts 4.0
ENG 310 Advanced Interpersonal Communication 4.0
HCA 300 The Healthcare System 4.0
HCA 350 Managed Care in the 21st Century 4.0
HCA 375 Healthcare Financial Administration 4.0
HCA 432 Healthcare Economics and Policy 4.0
HCA 440 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare Administration 4.0
HCA 450 Organizational Behavior 4.0
HIM 220 Healthcare Information Management 4.0
HIM 225 Healthcare Information Systems 4.0
HIM 230 Documentation in Healthcare and the EMR 4.0
HIM 240 Healthcare Compliance and Coding Management 4.0
HIM 340 Healthcare Databases and Data Quality 4.0
HIM 350 Healthcare Information Security 4.0
HIM 360 Healthcare Informatics 4.0
HIS 300 U.S. History Since the Civil War 4.0
HRM 210 Introduction to Human Resources Management 4.0
HSM 210 Professional Roles and Environments in Healthcare 4.0
HSM 320 Principles of Epidemiology 4.0
HSM 410 Leadership in Healthcare 4.0
HSM 420 Quality and Performance Management and Methods 4.0
HSM 430 Healthcare Statistics and Research 4.0
HSM 499 Capstone 4.0
MAN 103 Management Principles 4.0
MAT 220 College Algebra 4.0
MED 100 Medical Terminology, Law, and Ethics 4.0
MED 108 Medical Billing 3.0
MED 210 Professional Medical Coding 3.0
MED 410 Research in Health Science 4.0
PHI 310 Critical Thinking 4.0
PRG 101 Solutions Concepts 3.5
PRG 441 Database Reporting 3.5
PSY 220 Psychology 4.0
PSY 400 Biological Psychology 4.0
SOC 220 Sociology 4.0
SOC 400 Sociology of Aging 4.0
STA 322 Statistics 4.0

Course Description

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Total Courses: 47Total Credits: 180

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Available Online: This program is delivered fully online.

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