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Information Systems

Master of Science

Program Length: 15 months

Degree Overview

Information Systems

The Master of Science in Information Systems addresses the growing need for professionals who need to possess both analytical skills and business acumen with the goal of improving business through information technology and management. These professionals must be familiar with the theory and practice of storing, organizing, retrieving and analyzing information in a variety of settings.

Technical expertise alone is not sufficient for success, and graduates will need to be skilled in the topics of understanding how to organize information, analyze user information, design or evaluate information systems that allow for efficient and effective user interaction, be able to provide and assure the quality and value of information to decision makers, understand the economic and social environment in which their organization functions, be familiar with relevant issues in law, economics, ethics, and management.

Typical positions filled by a professional with a master of science in information systems include; positions within the office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Information Technology/Information Systems/Information Management Director, systems analyst, systems architect, and strategic technologist.

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Course Descriptions

CourseCourse NameCredits

MAT 610 Quantitative Methods 4.0
MBA 601 Financial Accounting for Management 4.0
MBA 603 Marketing Management 4.0
MBA 612 Leadership Theory 4.0
MBA 613 Advanced Human Resource Management 4.0
MIS 550 Systems Analysis and Design 4.0
MIS 560 Storage Area Network Architecture and Management 4.0
MIS 570 Management Information Systems 4.0
MIS 580 Information Systems Security 4.0
MIS 590 IT Project Management 4.0
MIS 650 Data Management, Analysis and Reporting 4.0
MIS 660 Human Computer Interaction 4.0
MIS 670 Information Systems Strategic Planning 4.0
MIS 680 Decision Support Systems and Methods 4.0
MIS 690 Information Systems Capstone Project 4.0

Course Description

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Total Courses: 15Total Credits: 60

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Available Online: This program is delivered fully online.

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