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We make it easy for you to get started in college. It’s as simple as making a phone call. We have a friendly process for orienting you to our college and helping you select the right career field for you. You can get started toward your degree today!

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Student Support

At CollegeAmerica, we’ll provide you with personalized support throughout your college experience, including one-on-one tutoring and advising. Classes are limited in size, so instructors can provide individual attention. We’ll help you succeed in your coursework, expand your professional network, and launch your career in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, or beyond.

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Meet Your Faculty

Your instructors are professionals with real-world experience. Your faculty of working professionals will put you on track to become an accomplished professional like them.

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Career Services

At CollegeAmerica, you’ll have access to the expertise of your Career Services staff from the day you start. This team partners with other staff, faculty, and employers to help you build the new career you deserve after completing your degree. We can even help you find a job while you’re going to school.

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