Laptops for CollegeAmerica Students

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Each Student Gets a New Laptop!

CollegeAmerica gives you a technological head start by issuing you a laptop at the outset of your program. As you progress through your courses, this laptop will give you more convenience and flexibility. With our hybrid courses, you can enjoy the benefits of combined face-to-face and online teaching methods.

After you use this laptop during school, you will own it once you graduate!

To find out more about laptops and hybrid courses, call us now at 1-800-622-2894

Laptop computers are issued to CollegeAmerica students to support their coursework. The laptop is owned by CollegeAmerica. Upon a student's graduation, the laptop becomes the student's property as a gift from CollegeAmerica.*

If a student withdraws or is terminated, the laptop must be returned to CollegeAmerica within 30 days of the date of determination that the student ceased attending school.

* Laptops are not issued to students enrolled in a master's program or completion programs.