4 Academic Resources in Denver for High School Students

By Published on January 3, 2019

With almost 92,000 students at 200 different schools in the greater Denver area, there are a lot of students to keep track of. Sometimes students feel left behind in their education, especially if their grades are slipping and they’re struggling to learn and keep up. If you’re struggling with your grades you’re probably interested in finding resources to help. Thankfully, Denver is a thriving city with lots of tutoring options for struggling students. Check out some of the best academic tutoring resources in Denver for high school students.

1. Varsity Tutors

High school students who are struggling with their grades or looking to excel can find award-winning tutors who offer academic tutoring as well as test prep for college entry tests like the SAT and ACT. The teachers at Varsity Tutors are held to a very high standard through a multi-step interview process and high qualification requirements. Students can feel comfortable knowing their tutor is qualified to teach them and that their tutoring sessions can take place wherever the student is most comfortable.


Because of the one-on-one learning environment, students also receive a customized approach to their learning and have concepts explained to them in the way that suits their level and comprehension. Working with a tutor is a great opportunity, and Varsity Tutors stands behind their staff with their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. Elite Academics

Each student has different academic needs, and no one understands that better than Elite Academics. This tutoring company is privately owned and focuses on helping students excel in science and math, as well as college planning such as ACT test prep. They place a heavy emphasis on meeting student needs through personalized programs and provide resources for success.


Not only does Elite Academics assist high school students who struggle in math, science, and other subjects, they also ensure students are set for success on their own by helping them develop good study habits and set realistic goals. This ensures that students are not only successful during their time in high school, but are equipped with the study skills they need to excel in college as well.


College-bound students may also want to look into the Elite Academics scholarship program that began in 2010. Their scholarship takes into account students with financial needs and those who excel in their studies. It’s a great opportunity for students to get further assistance in covering college expenses.

3. High Performance Tutoring

What began in 2011 in Salt Lake City has grown into a network of teachers and tutors in various locations in Utah, California, and Colorado. Although High Performance Tutoring can address a variety of student subject needs, they primarily focus on tutoring in physics, biology, chemistry, math, and college test prep for the SAT and ACT.


They believe that good teachers make all the difference when it comes to student success, and most of their teachers hold Master’s or doctorate degrees in the fields they tutor and teach. Students are matched with tutors that suit their learning style and personality so they can achieve optimal success in their studies.


In addition to basic math, physics, chemistry, and biology, High Performance Tutoring also tutors students in calculus, algebra, statistics, high-level math, accounting, finance, economics, computer science, engineering, programming, history, reading, English, German, and Spanish.

4. The Tutoring Center

Although learning is heavily focused on younger students at the Tutoring Center, they also emphasize reading, advanced math, and ACT and SAT test prep for high school students who are struggling. They have a strong belief that a one-on-one approach to learning is the best way for students to advance their skills, learn concentration, and become successful in school.


High school students struggling in reading will benefit from their Reading Program that helps students gain reading skills and understand more complicated texts. Along with reading, there is an emphasis on writing skills that apply to a variety of other subjects where high school students may struggle, such as social studies or even science. Improving reading comprehension also helps students succeed on their college prep exams.

Pursue Your Educational Goals

While there are free programs available through most public schools, they are often focused on homework completion and getting caught up in class and not about developing the critical thinking and study skills necessary to excel in the future. If you’re a high school student struggling with grades, consider what works best for you and what you feel comfortable with when looking for study resources.


As your grades excel and you feel more confident, you should consider whether a college degree is the next step for you.