5 Gadgets That Make Being a Student Easier

By Staff Writer Published on February 15, 2018

Going back to school for the new semester involves managing a lot of details, and a lot of effort to get back in the habit. If you add work, family, and maybe even some occasional fun to the mix, you have a lot of things to juggle. One of the most important things students can do is to find ways to simplify things. Managing time effectively, finding solid routines to help us through the busiest days, and embracing positive distractions that can help us recharge are all essential for college survival.

While these approaches are all important, sometimes a little shortcut or two can help just as much. Anything that saves time, energy, or some brain capacity can really come in handy when all those projects are coming due. This is when we thank our local tech wizards for coming up with the right gadgets to make our lives easier.

For your next foray into the classroom, think about taking these essential gadgets along with you.


One of the first things we do when starting a new semester is head to the bookstore or shop online for all those textbooks we need for classes. With just the right mix of course subjects and ruthless professors, you can end up with a back-breaking load of wallet-busting books. That’s when e-readers come to the rescue. With the ability to mark text, take notes, and keep all of your textbooks in one lightweight package, an e-reader is a lifesaver.

We all love hard copies of our favorite books, but that would probably include Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, not Principles of Accounting. Plus, e-books tend to be cheaper (sometimes way cheaper) than hard copies of textbooks. Keep that one on the e-reader and save your shoulders for the semester.

Backup hard drive

Speaking of saving, grab a terabyte or two of backup storage and save yourself in advance from any potential digital document disasters. Portable hard drives are relatively affordable, depending on the size you need. They are also a great way to keep all of your documents in a safe and accessible location. This serves as a backup in case anything happens to the data on your computer. It also helps take the load off of your computer and allows you to use less of its memory. To be extra secure, you can also look into cloud-based backup services.

Portable charger

One issue with all these digital devices is that they have to run on something. And when you are out and about going from work, to class, back to work, and then off to your study group, you don’t always have time to sit by an outlet to get your devices charged. Grab a portable charger that will keep your e-reader and phone going, so you can keep going too.

Noise-canceling headphones

For those times when you need to put your head down and study hard, shutting out any nearby distractions can really help. Before you head back to the library, coffee shop, or student lounge to get some school work done, take along some noise-canceling headphones. They are terrific for giving you the focus you need when studying or gathering your thoughts for a big paper.

When you are on the go and studying wherever you can, noise-canceling headphones help you turn just about any place into a reasonably quiet study area.

Laptop backpack

With an e-reader, you can cut down on the load of books you have to carry, but you still have to carry around all these wonderful gadgets. Grab a laptop backpack for your next semester, and carry them around in comfort and style. With padded pockets designed especially for keeping your tech devices safe, you will be ready to run the next time you’re late for class, or work.