9 Useful Smartphone Apps for College Students

By Staff Writer Published on October 17, 2017

Going back to school to earn a college degree can cause a lot of stress for students. You may be worrying about how you’ll stay on top of classes and focus on your studies while juggling the various duties in your daily life, whether it’s a full-time or part-time job, taking care of children, or even staying connected on social media. Fortunately, there are a variety of smartphone apps you can use to keep on top of your studying, class schedule, and homework.

Freedom: Block Websites and Apps

When you’re trying to focus on writing a paper or studying, it’s easy to find yourself distracted by mindlessly scrolling on social media. The Freedom app allows you to block websites and apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from yourself. You can set the timer for the amount of time you need to block social media and your favorite websites. This way the only thing you will focus on is completing the task at hand until the timer goes off.

Noisli 2.0

You can improve focus and increase productivity with ambient noise from Noisli 2.0. It will drown out irritating noises for better concentration and enhanced productivity, and can also create a pleasant environment for relaxation or sleeping. There is also a timer you can pair with time management applications.

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is based on the Pomodoro technique, a time management system that breaks down tasks into timed blocks separated by short breaks. The app separates tasks into 25-minute sessions followed by a five-minute break. After four sessions, you can take a longer 15 to 20 minute break. It’s a great way to keep an agile, refreshed mind as you work.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro allows you to organize your weekly schedule, plan assignments, and track how you’re doing in your classes. It’s easy to add all of your classes for each subject and you can also add assignments, deadlines, and exams for each class. This way you can focus on what needs to get done and make sure it’s finished on time.


Never worry about losing assignments, notes, or syllabi ever again. Dropbox allows you to upload files, videos, and audio files to the cloud and open them whenever and wherever you need them. All you need is an internet connection. It’s also extremely easy to share files with classmates without losing any of your more important data. When your data is organized and easy to access, it’s easy to stay focused and productive.


With millions of different academic books and documents, Scribd is the world’s biggest online library. This data is shared by people all over the globe, so if you ever need something in a different language or from a specific country, there’s a chance Scribd will have it. You can easily create your own library with notes, texts, and books that you need for your courses.


Studying literature? While CliffsNotes is not a replacement for actually reading the book, it is a great way to receive an intelligent, simplified summary of many famous novels, poems, essays, and plays. There is information about every character, as well as explanations of the themes, motifs, and symbols in the text. There is even an audio version, so you can listen to the information on-the-go before a big test or as you prepare for an essay.

Tiny Cards

If you have facts you need to memorize, digital flashcards are the way to go. You can use Tiny Cards to learn languages like French, Spanish, and German, but it’s also great for memorizing the bones of the body or the periodic table of elements.


There are many to-do apps on the market, but Wunderlist is the most efficient when it comes to getting focused and organized. Whether you’re organizing assignments, creating a shopping list, or simply making a list of chores, Wunderlist makes it easy. You can set due dates, create reminders, and assign to-dos. It’s easy to share lists with friends and family members and can be accessed from any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

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