CollegeAmerica Reviews: A Look From All Sides

By Published on July 19, 2018

Today’s savvy consumers don’t often make a purchase or lifestyle decision without first consulting the online community. Review sites are used as a go-to for personal recommendations for where to go (and where to avoid) for everything from restaurants, movies, salons, and even schools.

As great as this hive community can be at encouraging and guiding customers to local hotspot eateries, when it comes to potential students sifting through school options, the pressure is really turned up. After all, even one poor review can confuse and cause a loss of motivation. That’s why it’s important for future students to get a broader, more accurate look at CollegeAmerica reviews overall.

Before we look at specific review stats, we offer six general tips for reading reviews. Then, we’ll give a summary of reviews from various online sites and offer some key takeaways so you can make a more informed, balanced decision regarding this college.

6 Tips for Reading Reviews

When it comes to reading online reviews, you may want to follow these six tips to help you sort through them and pull out the most important details.

  1. Realize that most reviews are given as a result of a company asking their customers to do so. Most of the time, incentives are not given to reviewers and honesty is expected from both parties.
  2. Look for suspicious reviews. There are times when a disgruntled customer, ex-employee, or student takes their issue with a company to the public. A company is not allowed by review sites to delete negative posts, but there are ways for you to tell if you’re reading a false negative. The review should have specific details and have meaningful content if you’re going to take it seriously.
  3. The same goes for suspiciously positive reviews. Does the review contain specific details and meaningful content? The ones that do are the most powerful positive reviews and ones you should consider to be the most accurate and helpful.
  4. Average reviews are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be. The fact is that most businesses land somewhere in the middle of awful and awesome. If they have a rating of 3 stars or higher, you can expect your expectations to be met.
  5. Focus on reviews that have been written in the last six months. Customer expectations fluctuate, employees change, and policies are updated, so recent reviews will give you the best information.
  6. Check lesser-known review sites such as GradReports, Niche, Unigo, and Trustpilot. They are geared toward schools and offer some good insight that isn’t often found on other general sites.

With these tips in mind, you’ll now be able to review the reviews with good judgment.

A Summary of CollegeAmerica Reviews

To save you some trouble, we’ve gathered 54 CollegeAmerica reviews that were posted in the last six months on four different review sites (including Niche, and Trustpilot). Here’s what we found:

  • 15% of all recent reviews are negative (2-stars and below)
  • 85% of all recent reviews are positive (3-stars and above)

We found that the biggest concerns were focused on the cost of tuition and a lack of communication when schedule changes needed to be made. As far as compliments, students had high praise for teachers and the care taken in helping students succeed in their classes.

Key Takeaways

To summarize, let’s take a look at the key takeaways from the information we’ve gathered.

First, your friends, neighbors, and the online community are great resources for gathering first-hand knowledge regarding the different schools available and how effective they are at helping their students succeed in earning an advanced degree.

Second, it’s important to sort through the reviews in order to find and apply the most accurate and relevant. You will find this is especially the case in “average” reviews.

Third, temper your expectations. While CollegeAmerica is a flexible and quick option for individuals who didn’t finish high school, who need to work full-time, or who have family responsibilities, it is still college. The schedule and coursework can be challenging and it takes time and focus in order to complete classes and reach graduation. And while financial aid is available for those who qualify, you can expect to leave school with some debt, as is the case with most students in any school.

Finally, after weighing the end results of either receiving a college degree or not, most anyone would agree that being a college graduate will get you much further in your career and life.

With this knowledge, are you ready to find out for yourself if CollegeAmerica is a good fit for helping you reach your professional goals? If so, request more info today!

Past and current students—we encourage you to leave your own review of CollegeAmerica.