Driving Safely: Surviving Rush Hour Traffic

By Staff Writer Published on July 3, 2013

Rush hour is one of the worst times to be on the road. The streets are crowded, lights are slow, and people are anxious to get home. People drive dangerously to get to their destinations quicker. Their antics often end in a frustrating accident.

If there was ever a time to practice safe driving, it would during rush hour. The following are just a few reminders to help you survive your commute to work and school during rush hour:

Don’t be in Such a Rush

Leave with enough time to get to your destination, even with rush hour traffic. When you’re late, it’s easy to pull dangerous and illegal maneuvers just to get the advantage of the others on the road. Often this means cutting someone off, tailgating behind a braking car, or speeding up to get in front of a car next to you.

The road is dangerous at this time as many people are doing the same thing. People are bound to collide. Avoid the rush to avoid problems.

Chill Out with an Education

Use the time to learn as opposed to angering yourself with the traffic. Turn on the radio to an intellectual talk radio station. Listen to a book on tape, or your recorded class lectures. Drive carefully and pay attention to the road still, but use this time as an opportunity to learn. You’ll take your driving a lot more carefully when you aren’t in a rush and are accomplishing a goal at the same time.

Stay in Your Lane

How many times have you switched lanes because the other lane seems to be moving faster than yours? Once you arrive in that lane, how many times have you come to a quick stop, only to discover the cars in the lane you just came from moving faster and further down the road then you did?

One of the biggest dangers of driving through rush hour is that drivers like to dart between lanes to beat traffic. The reality of the road is that it’s best to get into the middle lanes and stick with them, avoiding the temptation to get into a faster lane. That lane will stop soon enough and you will get to go again. Your lane will proceed just as fast as the others and you won’t risk an accident from darting between narrow gaps of cars in impatience.

Practice safety during rush hour. Driving at this time of day can be terribly frustrating. Getting into an accident during this time can be even worse so don’t risk it. Remember to not be in a rush, chill out with an education, and stay in your lane to help you survive rush hour.

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Megan Wickes is a graduate of the Master in Business Administration (MBA) program. She currently works for CollegeAmerica, managing its online presence. In addition to her love of marketing, Megan enjoys wakeboarding, boating, and spending time with her husband and new baby boy.

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