Handle with Care! 11 Tips to Protect Your Laptop

By Staff Writer Published on July 2, 2012

Okay, so life just became super exciting! You recently started college and received a new laptop—and if you enrolled in Graphic Arts, it’s an Apple Mac (ooh la la!). A laptop is a tool, and a critical factor in your successful college experience. It will help you with homework, research, tests (and most importantly, access Facebook). Therefore it’s important to treat your computer with the respect it deserves. Here are 11 tips to make sure your laptop makes it to graduation and beyond:

1. Laptops should be loved and cared for! Treat yours like a BFF for the length of your program.

2. Laptops do not like to be dropped. It sounds obvious, but it happens more often than we think.

3. Laptops, and all electronic devices for that matter, do not like liquids! That includes water, coffee (even designer lattes), sodas, and alcoholic beverages. Laptops don’t like parties!

4. Laptops should not be stored under a mattress or bed. LCD screens are very fragile and will be crushed by monkeys jumping on the bed.

5. Laptops don’t like to ride in the bed of a truck, even in Arizona! What’s up with that?

6. Laptops do not like to sit on your lap—and I understand that’s counterintuitive. But they can get hot, and then you can get hot, or even burnt.

7. Laptops don’t like the dust that collects in their vents, creating a nice blanket on the components inside the computer. The dust makes them warmer than they should be and creates problems. A can of compressed air for a few dollars can help alleviate these problems.

8. Laptops don’t like food, even Cheetos! Don’t be afraid to spray the keyboard with compressed air to get rid of all the food crumbs.

9. Laptops like electricity—and they won’t work without it! So take very good care of the AC adapter. It’s easy to trip on these and break the tip. A new adapter will run you between $50 and $80 (ouch!).

10. Laptops should not talk to strangers. It’s okay to NOT let other people, even your close friends, use your laptop. I know this sounds very selfish, but could they afford to buy you a new one? If you ever do let other people use it, make sure you create a standard account with NO administrative rights, as you don’t want to get locked out of your own computer!

11. Laptops get scared of dark places on the Internet where bad things can happen (and a lot of them are illegal), so make sure your anti-virus is updated and always running. That’s right—even the Mac people!

Author Bio
Ludo Pierson is the Associate Dean for the Computer programs at the Flagstaff campus of CollegeAmerica. Ludo also owns a guitar amplifier business with presence on the Internet, France and Japan. Prior to coming to CollegeAmerica, Ludo worked in the IT field as a Technical Product Manager for a Unified Messaging startup, a Director of Software Development for a global telecommunication company and as a quality assurance engineer for Microsoft.