How to Make Studying Fun

By Staff Writer Published on October 26, 2013

For some students, studying is drudgery. It is the means to an end for a desired grade. Some students would rather spend their time on creative pursuits, social engagements, or personal leisure time instead of being bent over text books poring over information they may never use again.

But is it a requirement that studying be no fun? Not necessarily. While cramming for your accounting exam may not be your idea of an evening well spent, there are several things you can do to make studying a more enjoyable experience.

Make it a Game

Let’s say you have an English reading assignment that is 150 pages long. Try reading it aloud in a French accent. Or better yet, attempt to read the whole 150 pages like a pirate.  Maybe you love old mob movies, and do a great ‘Al Capone’, reading aloud in a classic mob boss voice may suddenly make that British Lit novel way more interesting.

If you are part of a study group for your chemistry exam and you have to learn the periodic table in its entirety, you can all work together to make up a silly song or create an acronym for each line of the periodic table.

Teach It

One of the best ways to learn and retain information is to attempt to explain the information to another person who knows nothing about it. Take turns in your study group teaching the same information. Each person will present the information in a slightly different way, and there are marked improvements in memory when you teach a topic as opposed to simply attempting to remember the information.

Take Breaks

One of the most beneficial things during a study session is taking time to rest your mind. Turn on some of your favorite music and have a private (or group) dance jam. Or get up and go find a snack.  (Twinkies and Snickers come highly recommended.) The walk can help clear your head and get your blood moving again. When you get back from your break, make sure you don’t sit in the exact same spot. Keep changing it up and you will find you are less prone to getting bogged down!

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