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5 Surprising Benefits of Eating Organic Food

Organic agriculture is the production of food in the most natural way possible. Instead of using genetically enhanced crops or pesticides, farmers produce more natural produce in a clean environment.

July 16, 2018

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Top 5 Things to Do In Flagstaff

Are you headed on a trip to Flagstaff? If so, you’re in for a treat. Flagstaff is a unique region of Arizona that has it all. Though most people don’t think of a temperate climate and scenic forests when they …

July 12, 2018

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Paying Your Student Loans: 4 Painless Steps

Most students seem to be overwhelmed at the thought of paying their Federal Student Loans.  Many of them actually think that if they act as if they don’t exist, they will go away.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

These are government backed loans and they do expect to be paid back!  The good news is that by communicating with your loan servicer, they are willing to work with you and your financial situation.

July 10, 2018

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Top 5 Things to Do in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a decent-sized city, nestled comfortably in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Because of its unique location, there is no shortage of fun things to do for Colorado Springs residents. There are plenty of the expected outdoor wonders, like …

July 5, 2018

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How to Correctly Spell 25 Frequently Misspelled Words

Spelling is one of the most difficult parts of English to learn well. The words below are some of the most common ones you’ll see in everyday life that are frequently misspelled. But if you practice the mnemonics and other …

June 21, 2018

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Typing vs. Handwriting Notes–Which Is Better?

After all the thought and planning, after all the applications and discussions, you are finally there. You sit down in your first college class, and there is a feeling of excitement to be taking that first step toward your degree …

June 14, 2018

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The Biggest Changes in the Healthcare Industry Over the Years

The healthcare industry has made phenomenal strides over the course of a decade. Here are just three of the many ways the healthcare industry has changed in recent times, all of which are practically guaranteed to continue changing and developing …

May 31, 2018

15 Business Terms That Every Business Student Should Know

As a student in business school, you want to be informed and on top of all the new language that you’ll hear both at school and in your workplace. Here are fifteen important business terms that you may come across …

May 24, 2018

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10 Tips for Your First Year of College

Starting your first year of college—whether you’re 18 or 50—can feel a little overwhelming. Between all of the new people, new classes, and new responsibilities, stress comes easily and is perfectly normal. First, take a deep breath; you can do …

May 17, 2018

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How to Throw a Killer Graduation Party

It’s been a long road. Maybe you focused on school full-time and had to stress about student loans. Maybe you took the longer route and only went part-time while maintaining your job. Maybe it involved juggling family life, job responsibilities, …

May 10, 2018

Having a Stressful Week? Try Doing This.

Stress is powerful, and even if we don’t like to admit it, we allow stress to make a lot of our decisions for us. Will I get a healthy amount of sleep tonight? Do I have time to take a …

May 3, 2018

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10 Free Resources for Getting FAFSA Help

Kate felt lucky in life. She met the love of her life right after high school at a party following graduation. After dating for a year, they got married and started a family. This fulfilled one of Kate’s biggest dreams—she …

April 26, 2018
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