The Power of Education: Tommy’s Story

By Staff Writer Published on November 18, 2016

Hello, my name is Tommy Vidaure and I’m a GED® Test preparation graduate from CollegeAmerica. Allow me to share how CollegeAmerica and this program forever changed my life.

At first I was not really motivated to get my GED® test credential, but I was 42 years old without a diploma or much of a high school education. I decided to take a look at the GED® Test preparation program at CollegeAmerica and see what it was all about.

On the first day at orientation, I met the GED® program coordinator, Rosemary Kondusky. I was in awe. She blew me away with her speech and how passionate she was about helping people get their GED® test credential. She gave me the motivation, the will, and, most importantly, the desire to believe in myself, something I never had in my life. She also said that the program was absolutely FREE! What a win-win situation.

I didn’t score well on the pretest, but I did not quit there. I took the classes that they provided to help me pass the GED® test. I have to admit, math is my worst subject and I was often frustrated with it. But I had a great instructor named Andy Mckee who also believed in me and helped me out so much. He told me to never give up and to believe in myself because my instructors and the CollegeAmerica staff would never give up on me. So when math got more difficult I got a tutor named Nicole Arris, who offered her services for FREE! No charge, once again.

I retook the math pretest and after failing it 3 times with 13 out of 50 correct answers, I finally passed with 42 out of 50. I was so blessed and proud. Before I could tell Rosemary about my success she already knew; great news travels fast at CollegeAmerica. This also motivated me to keep pushing.

After passing everything on math, I took the RLA and social science prep courses taught by Carole Miller, another kind soul who cared and was willing to help in any way. I easily passed those classes too. After passing math, I realized I could pass any test that was in front of me. I never turned back and I never failed again because of what Rosemary, Andy, Nicole, and Carole had done for me—something nobody else had done. They helped me reach within myself and believe that I am not a failure, that I am capable of passing, that I am important and worthy of receiving an education. Never in my life had I had awesome, caring, and passionate teachers that CollegeAmerica had provided for me. They are my family!

I thank God for the people at CollegeAmerica for giving me the opportunity to pass the GED® test. Graduation was a day I will never forget. It was the biggest success I have had in my life so far. I am now 43 years old and I believe that with dedication, willpower, motivation, and believing in yourself, it’s not too late to follow your dream. I let everyone I come across know about CollegeAmerica and how they are so passionate about people graduating with a GED® test credential.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank Rosemary, who is like a mother to me now, Andy and Nicole, who are like my brother and sister, and my Auntie Carole for helping me. They are not only staff, but forever my family!! I cannot thank them all enough. CollegeAmerica has blessed me and other graduates with the opportunity to receive a GED® test credential. Thank you for giving me a hope that will never die and a future that will certainly become a dream come true.


Sincerely and love always,

Tommy Vidaure

GED® Test graduate

October 2016


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