Top 10 Ways to Land a Job Faster

By Staff Writer Published on June 14, 2019

Finding a job after graduation can be intimidating for everyone. It requires a lot of networking and ground work. You may not be successful with every attempt and application, but by following these guidelines you will greatly increase the chance of landing interviews and eventually the job you want.

Make Personal Contact with Your Friends, Family, and Acquaintances

Your friends, family, and acquaintances want to see you succeed. Talk with them regularly and ask them if they know anyone who works at the company or in the industry you’re interested in. You’ll be surprised about how many people your friends and family know who are willing to talk to you about their job.

Set Up Informational Interviews with Employers

Informational interviews are essential when you are looking for work. Once you talk to your friends and family and receive names of people who work in your field of study, call them up and set up an appointment to meet with them for 20 minutes at their office. This has a good chance of getting you in front of the hiring manager.

Leaving Your House Every Day

Many job seekers will say, “I have sent out 40 resumes this week and haven’t heard anything back from any of them!” This shows that they are spending too much time at home and not enough time pounding the pavement by going to town. It might be hot outside, cold outside, and you might think it is scary—but remember… it will pay off.

Contact Employers Directly Every Day

Be a door-to-door salesman of yourself. Think of some things about yourself that would interest the employers and then sell them yourself by calling them or visiting them. We live in a world with LinkedIn. You can message people at various companies you’d like to work at. Ask them how they like their job, what it took to get to where they’re at, etc. Be friendly and real. Once you have established a professional relationship with them, you can ask them who you could talk to about getting hired. They may even be willing to put in a good word for you or let you mention their name during the process, which would really increase your chances of getting hired.

Have Excellent Professionalism

You have heard the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Make sure you look well-groomed. Dress in interview clothing, even if the company has casual attire. Talk professionally. Make sure you use proper English and always avoid swearing. Have a professional voicemail, email address, and ring tone. Check your social media accounts before you even apply to jobs to make sure you don’t have anything condemning posted. Employers can, and will, look you up on social media.

Have Flawless Application Materials (Resume, Cover Letter, References)

Don’t blow a job application by making mistakes on it or sending them a resume that reeks. Avoid this by having multiple professionals review it and taking their suggestions. Double-check all of your contact information. It’s really easy to overlook that information. Make sure the contact information headers are in the same spot on all of your application materials and have the same information. Avoid pictures on resumes. Companies can get in trouble for discrimination if they see a picture of you on your resume, so many hiring managers are trained to automatically throw out resumes with pictures.

Follow Up with Employers and Be Tenaciously Persistent (Not Annoying)

Employers are busy and sometimes they need to be reminded that you are still there. At the end of your interview, it is appropriate to politely ask what the next steps are in the process. Usually, they will talk to other applicants and will give you a day in which they expect to get back to you. Make sure to send them a thank you note after an interview or after applying for a job. If you don’t hear back from them, make sure to call them and ask if you can schedule a time to meet with them.

Have Someone Go to Bat for You

Since you made some friends at the company via LinkedIn, you can let them know you interviewed. Make sure you tell them the names of who interviewed you and they will more than likely talk to your interviewer about you. Make sure you say only good things about the interviewer and the company as they may repeat these things to the interviewer.

Be Qualified

You can do this by going to school, earning certificates, volunteering, and working in a related field. Having experience in a field will help you know if it’s the right path for you. It will also help you make connections for future jobs in the industry and the extra experience time will allow you to move up more quickly in your job. Undoubtedly, being qualified for a job allows you to land a job sooner.

Have a Good Background and Work History

Employers commonly run background checks. If you have something bad in your background, work now to clean it up. If you don’t have work history in your desired industry, you can start small with some volunteer or internship work. This will pay off in the end because you are more likely to get hired if you have impressed the organization. You may also meet the right people to land a job while you’re there.

Have any of these methods helped you land a job? Are there any other effective job search methods you feel have helped you to find a job? Tell us your story in the comments below!