Want to Advance Your Career? 4 Ways Going Back to School Helps

By Published on February 15, 2019

You’ve got a job, but do you want a career? Do you want to be more valued and respected? Are you worried your job may become obsolete? Are you interested enough in another industry that it has you thinking about switching gears? Whatever your motivation for wanting to move up a few rungs on the career ladder, going back to school can help.

Here’s why you may want to graduate college with a career-oriented degree under your belt.

1- Previously Closed Doors Could Open

Sometimes being good at your job and having a lot of potential isn’t enough. Whether it’s the human resources department, the legal team, or the executives of a company, someone may insist on you having a degree in your hands in order to qualify for a promotion or new job … regardless of your on-the-job skills and hands-on experience.

However, once you graduate with a degree, you’ll suddenly have what others insist it takes to be considered for the job you want. Not only will you pass the initial qualifications check, but once you’re in the interview you’ll have the confidence of a college degree to back you up.

2- It Boosts Your Skill Set

Believe it or not, your skills may be outdated. Has automation crept into your territory? Are your routine tasks being phased out? Have you been falling behind on new technology and productivity practices? Do you have a hard time keeping up with trends and the language surrounding them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your skill set could use a boost.

On the flip side, do you enjoy keeping up with new and emerging technology? Do you like to push yourself to learn everything you can about something? Are you interested in exploring an industry in depth? If you answered yes, then you might enjoy being a student once again.

When you go back to school, you’ll find yourself catching up with what’s going on around you. New and improved practices and techniques will take over old and outdated ones. Very quickly, you will begin to notice your skills are strengthened and sharpened, preparing you for the work of today.

3- You Won’t Become an Unemployment Statistic

Take a look at your current job. If it’s at risk of becoming obsolete through automation or simplification, or if you worry you might be replaced, it may be time to head back to school and finish your higher education.

To prove a point, here are some sobering unemployment rates by education level:1

  • High school diploma = 4.6% unemployment rate
  • Some college, no degree = 4.0%
  • Associate’s degree = 3.4%
  • Bachelor’s degree = 2.5%
  • Master’s degree = 2.2%


If, for some reason, your job were to ever disappear, by having a degree, you could have more options available to you for employment. You will also have potentially made yourself more valuable to your prospective employers.

4- You Can Fulfill Your Passion

Perhaps you could use a bit more excitement at work. Maybe you’re itching to try something new. If you are bored or burned out in your current job, going back to school and pursuing your passion may be the answer to your work woes.

Whether you want to help people by getting a degree in business management, are curious about exploring the tech field, or are keen to start your own business, there’s a degree for that! If you’ve got the motivation, any passion you have can be fulfilled.

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