What Matters Most Is How You See Yourself

By Staff Writer Published on April 6, 2011

My younger brother, Andrew, has and breeds bulldogs.  He took the picture below of one of his dogs, Maggie and it reminded me of the famous cat/lion picture.

When she looks at herself, she is not thinking “Oh dear, my tongue is sticking out.  There is slobber on my nose… my legs are too short, and look at that terrible double chin and all those wrinkles!”

Self-esteem issues are isolated to humanity.

We see the effects of low self-esteem in the populations we serve, and even in ourselves. Confidence doesn’t come easy.

In my experience, I’ve found that the more I do and the harder I work, the better I perform.  Better performance leads to pride and a sense of accomplishment.  Accomplishments merge into victories and achieved goals. And when it all originates from honest and earnest efforts, my personal value goes up in my own estimation, which truly is what matters most. And that’s when contagion kicks in, and success breeds the desire for more infectious success.

Focus on the positive, work industriously, and celebrate your achievements!  Imagine a symbolic mirror where your reflection can be whatever you want to be. Look closely. What do you want to see?

About the Author

Suzanne Scales is a regional director for the Center for Excellence in Higher Education, and also serves as the Executive Director of the CollegeAmerica Denver Campus. She has been with our schools for 15 years and has worked in education for over 20 years, with experience in the medical field before that. She has a passion for helping people change their lives and considers success a matter of believing in yourself and what you do. She enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, and painting.