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A Career Coach in Your Corner: Career Services


The Career Services department of CollegeAmerica is like having job-hunt coach in your corner. We’ll help you lay the foundation for launching and nurturing your career. If you’ll be searching in Colorado, Arizona, or beyond, we are here to help you hit the ground running. From the very beginning of your degree program, we work with you and prepare you for success. We’ll help you draw upon the knowledge and training you develop in your classes to effectively find work and move down the best career path for you. Plus, if you need to work while in school, we can help you with that, too.


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How Career Services Mentors You

When it comes to helping you in every phase of starting and developing your career, we have the resources to guide you. One of our advisors will work with you and provide the one-on-one coaching and advice you need. It’s personalized and powerful. And for you, the CollegeAmerica student, it’s free. But that’s not all—even after you graduate, it’s a free service you can take advantage of!

Learn Skills for Effective Job Hunting

Imagine an energy shot that gives your career a powerful boost right out of the gates. That’s what it’s like when you utilize Career Services to help you on your job-hunting journey. Our advisors want to help you launch your career as fast as possible and see you flourish. We will help you hone your job-hunting skills with customized advice. We will help you find work now, if you need a job while still in college.

Sow the Seeds of Success

Job fairs. Seminars. Career classes. Development programs. Mock interviews with actual managers and executives. We provide all this, from day one of your degree program, to help you excel. Not only that, if your field demands certifications, we can help you in getting them and paying for them.1

Master the Tools for Career Building

First, you’ll need a killer résumé. Then you’ll need to showcase yourself through a portfolio that spotlights your greatest accomplishments. But it doesn’t end there. You’ll want to master networking in person and through social media. And to wrap it all up, you’ll need to confidently sell your abilities in interviews and come across as a true professional. We’ll help you with all of it, and give you the tools you need.

Support Today—and Beyond

Graduation from CollegeAmerica does not mean the end of the support we offer you. Even after you’ve moved into your successful career, we are still here for you. Alumni can still use our Career Services department. If you find yourself back on the job market, we’ll help. You can even take classes from your degree program again for free!

Resume Help

Creating a Résumé

If you don’t have a résumé, we’ll help you create one. And if you have one, we’ll help you give it a facelift. Your advisor from Career Services will help you choose what to highlight, what to omit, and craft a document that will grab attention and get you the interview.

Mock Interviews

Nail the Interview

Don’t get nervous for job interviews; get prepared! We’ll help make interviews much less stressful by getting you ready to answer the hard questions. You will be able to showcase all your strengths and demonstrate how you’ll bring value to the organization. With individual mentoring, you’ll be the one who stands out. We’ll also teach you how to conduct salary negotiations!

Job Search Skills

Hunting for the Job

The job market can get confusing; it takes the right skill set to jump in and find the position that’s right for you. We know it can get discouraging out there. We’re here to help you create a game plan and teach you how to effectively hunt for the jobs you want.

Grow Your Network

Expand Your Network

Establishing and expanding a professional network is key in today’s world. We’ll show you how to do it and how to get the most out of it. Career Services advisors will help you map out the best strategy for creating a network, offline and online, so that you’ll have the connections that will lead to new opportunities.

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We’ve created this page to help you find the career you’re looking for. This is where you’ll find the most recent job postings from three of the major employment search engines—all in one place. You’ll also find links to specialized job search sites at the bottom of the page.



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  1. Certifications are not awarded by the college and will typically require extra study and cost during school and/or after graduation.


The college does not guarantee a job. Gaining employment is the graduate’s responsibility.

CollegeAmerica admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.