This page is designed to make payments as convenient as possible for you. You can make a secure payment using a credit or debit card or through your checking or savings account.

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When you click MAKE A PAYMENT > you will be redirected to a secure banking site to enter your payment information. Then, when you click Place Secure Transaction, the transaction will be processed and you will be returned to this non-secure site to continue browsing. Please do not be concerned about leaving the secure banking site. No banking information will be transferred or displayed on the non-secure site.

If you experience any error messages, or if you are unsure if your payment has gone through, DO NOT submit a second payment. Contact the Accounting Department at the following:

Denver(303) 300-8740 Ext 7033
Colorado Springs(719) 622-3600 Ext 1244 or 2304 or 1242
Fort Collins(970) 225-4860 Ext 8013
Cheyenne(307) 637-2044 Ext 2520
Flagstaff(928) 213-6060 Ext 1401
Phoenix(602) 589-9860 Ext 1906