CollegeAmerica launches free community education program

By Staff Writer Published on March 6, 2012

CollegeAmerica launches free community education program

CollegeAmerica formally launched a community education program earlier this month March 1 to help adults with little or no education.

The Good Neighbor Initiative offers free GED test preparation and exams. Additional courses include CollegeAmerica employment workshops, computer skills classes, phlebotomy and nurse aid and CNA exam preparation.

“We designed the Good Neighbor Initiative as a way to help people in our community get education and training that can improve their lives, help them support their families and contribute to the economy,” said Eric Juhlin, CEO of CollegeAmerica Services, Inc. “Since our soft launch in 2011, we have already seen this initiative create meaningful changes in the lives of many people.”

CollegeAmerica has a branch campus at 3645 Citadel Drive South and a satellite location at 1026 Maxwell Street. Free service are not available at all locations.

For more information about the Good Neighbor Initiative, please visit