Walk for a Change: How I Can Help

By Staff Writer Published on September 21, 2012

The Flagstaff campus of CollegeAmerica is sponsoring the annual “Walk for A Change to Stop Family Violence” event, hosted by the Sharon Manor and Northland Family Help Center. In coordination with the upcoming October 13th event, the Flagstaff campus is writing a blog post series discussing the important issue of domestic violence. This is the 4th blog post in that series.

I have been married for over 40 years and I am grateful to say my husband, myself and our three sons have never been in a family violence situation. We have grown together, as a family, and believe in and support each other always in happy and difficult times. It started first with being a family of two and sharing everything together.

As our family grew, we started dinner with a prayer of thanks for the blessing of food to our bodies. Now that we are a family of two again, my husband and I always say grace before eating. I truly believe this small task has been the strength of our family bonding and growth.

But I know that not everyone has had the same experiences that I’ve had. Family violence is on the news daily, in the papers, on the Internet; I have witnessed the pain, sadness and embarrassment in the eyes of a victim trying to explain their swollenness and bruises. Taking part in the “Walk For A Change” on October 13, 2012, during Domestic Violence month is one small way that I can show victims I care and where and how to get assistance. Violence should never, ever happen to anyone.

I would like to share a beautiful song written by a friend that really says it ALL.

“All We Are” – Nancy Helin

All there is is all we are
All we are is all there is
Darkest night brightest star
Waterfall riverbed
We are made of all that was
And what was will always be
Playing a part in all there is
At the heart of you and me

All we are is all there is
Boundaries melt into space
Every piece contains the whole
Everything is in its place
Thousand miles are broken
Underneath the open sky
Where all we are is all there is
There’s no need to say goodbye
All we are is all there is
All there is All We Are

Author Bio
Doreen Evans is the Director of Admissions at the Flagstaff campus of CollegeAmerica. She loves to travel, garden, cook and spend time with husband, children, grandchildren and Coco Bella, a 5-lb Maltese.